Are You Adding Value?

The best way to survive this economy is to do your job extremely well and add additional value.

Are You Adding Value?


Are you doing what is expected of you in your job and adding value as well? or are you just meeting expectations?

One way to think about exceeding expectations is for you to think about your own performance.  Do you just perform the basic expectations of your role? or do you add great value in your role as well?

What does adding value mean?  I think it means that you do very good work, you are very reliable, you are accurate, you do your job, and you take on other responsibilities as well when you can. 

  •       Adding value is coming up with and implementing better ways to run the business.
  •       Adding value is having a great positive attitude that inspires the team and helps everyone feel great about the workplace.
  •       Adding value is making sure that all of your direct reports know how they are performing all of the time.
  •       Adding value is expressing your opinion and professionally pushing back when you believe you are right.
  •       Adding value is perseverance and tenacity.
  •       Adding value is getting your work in on time and having it done well.
  •       Adding value is sticking with the job until it is done and done well.
  •       Adding value is finding employees (inside and outside your organization) and developing them so that they can perform their roles in the show and take on roles of higher levels of responsibility.
  •       Adding value is being the kind of leader that is available and approachable and willing to hear the good and bad news and help the messenger get a better solution or resolution.

I am sure that there are many more things that would cause someone to say that you add value. This list is a good starter for all of us to consider!  Have a good weekend.


PS: Priscilla and I are babysitting tonight. Wish us luck…Lee

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