Belle Was Not A Bully!


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Leadership comes in many forms. The first strategy in my book Creating Magic is titled, Remember, Everyone Is Important. We all need to make sure our children understand this vital concept 100%. It makes me sick each time I hear about one human being being mean to another human being for no reason. It is hard enough to get through this world without others being a big bully. There are bullies in schools and there are plenty in politics and in businesses. Make sure you do not stand for it. You need to know what you stand for and what you won’t stand for. Below is what the school where my grandchildren go is doing on the subject of bullying

My 13 year old granddaughter Margot shared with us last night the program they are doing at  their schools regarding bullying.

…….The first is wearing t-shirts and hanging posters that say “Be like Belle”. Belle was the only one who was nice to  the Beast when he             was an outcast, and all the townspeople wanted to hurt him.

…….Also, they use the word “Beast”. Bullying Ends As Students Stand Together.

I suspect most children who are bullies learn this from their parents….Insecurity breeds bullies. Build the self esteem and self confidence of your children so they believe in themselves and don’t have to hurt others to feel good….Lee


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