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The following article is right on. When I was at Disney I conducted at least a four hour session with any new executive joining our company who would be reporting to me. I went through Disney Great Leader Strategies which I developed as a development tool and guide  for Walt Disney World to communicate my expectations for performance as  a leader and as a leader. I spent four hours with this review to ensure there was total clarity between me and my new direct report.

If you put together a strong on boarding system with all new employees from top to bottom you will see significant improvement in all parts of your business including your bottom line. My next public workshop on leadership and management strategies in in NYC and then four more in 2012 in NYC, Chicago and Dallas. The links are either: or my website at:

Clarity reduces misunderstandings for your employees and for your children and other loved ones….Is that clear, as my mother often said….Lee


Subject: Leadership Assimilations Great Way of Coaching Through Change

Research indicates that 25 – 50% of all managers and executives fail to deliver what they were hired for at a total cost to the company of 10 – 25 times their base salary. One reason for this is that there isn’t a large enough emphasis placed on the onboarding or assimilation process of new managers and executives. Many times, companies fail to realize that even the smallest of changes to any organization can have a profound impact on the culture, groups, and individuals who comprise it. Groups often demonstrate some level of distrust, resistance, and/or conflict.

Coaching your organization through change is a key component to successfully assimilating a new manager or executive into his/her new role. Coaching can encourage people to see change as a positive opportunity rather than a threat. In addition, coaching can help to bring about more effective communication within the team, especially when everyone knows their role and their value to an organization.

Below are some questions to consider when coaching through change:

What does each member of the team want the new manager / executive to know about them?

What does the team need to know about the new manager / executive in order to be effective?

What does the new manager / executive need to know about the team as a whole?

What are the team’s expectations?

What are the managers / executives expectations?

Are there any issues that are urgent or a priority?

Coaching is a powerful tool for helping people understand and embrace change within an organization. While change can take a while, it is an investment that will pay off in the long term. Effective leadership assimilation through change is one way to build a stronger team, where everyone knows their role and value to the organization.

Written by Kendra Wilburn


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