Do You Have Your Act Together?

Don’t get involved with everything. Work on the vital issues and keep your calendar open enough to be
available for the unexpected that requires your level of position and authority to get involved in. Make sure you are completely trained in how to use a day planner in an effective way so you are working on the vital tasks in your life and not just keeping busy. Good time life management skills is the major reason I had so much success in my career and private life. YOU are in charge of your life, but to be in charge you must be in control. Are YOU really?….Lee
Five Signs That You’re So Busy Doing That You Don’t See What Needs To Be Done

One of the things I do on a regular basis is speak to groups of new and high
potential executives about what they can do to succeed in bigger jobs. In the
run-up to those sessions, I often ask them to complete a short self-assessment
on how they think they stack up on some of the leadership behaviors outlined in
The average self assessment scores tell a pretty interesting story. The
Lots of leaders are so busy doing things that they don’t see what needs to
be done.

In their self assessments, most of the leaders I’m working with think they’re doing a great
job on action oriented behaviors. They give themselves relatively high marks on
things like taking accountability, making timely decisions and being clear
about communicating desired outcomes.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s good stuff. Effective leaders demonstrate those
strengths. You know what they say about strengths, though. A strength when
overused can be a weakness. That’s where the lowest ranked behaviors in the
self assessment come into play. There are five of them that really stand out
and, collectively, they’re signs that you’re so busy doing things you may not
really see what needs to be done.

How do you stack up on these behaviors?

1. Pace myself by building in regular breaks from work.

2. Manage workload so that I have time for unexpected
problems or issues.

3. Give others my full presence and attention during
meetings and conversations.

4. Regularly take time to step back and define or redefine
what needs to be done.

5.Build a network to stay connected to the market and
gain fresh perspective.

Which of these behaviors represent an opportunity for you to be an even more
effective leader? Which one have you been working on lately? Any tips you’d
like to share with the rest of us? Which ones would you like to get some tips

Article by Scott Eblin of next Level Blog



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