Don't Set Any New Year Resolutions!


Have you set your resolutions for the New Year?…..Don’t.

 How did you do on achieving last year’s resolutions?  Not very well for most of you I bet.

 Want to know the difference between those who accomplished their resolutions and those who didn’t?

 Constantly thinking about your goals and scheduling the priorities in your life.

Do you have a Day-Planner with a section titled, “To Do Today?”

Do you take some time every single day to”think,” and to put things in the “To Do Today” section?

Do you” think” about what you did not do so well yesterday and go about adding those to today’s list to fix?

Do you think about the responsibilities that you have signed up for including, your health,  your wealth and personal finances, your education and development, your retirement income needs, your direct reports,  your  friends and loved ones, your possessions maintained properly, your business relationships and on and on?

Are you working  on the things today that will not pay off for 5,10, 20, 30 or 40 years from now? Get to the gym, lose weight, get your blood pressure under control, get your annual check-ups, pay attention to those around you and help them get what they want.

You become what you think about. What are you thinking about today?  Don’t set New Year Resolutions? As you think of important and vital things that need to be done, start them immediately.

Can you find your whole life in your Day-Planner? Or the better question is, “Do You Even Have a Day-Planner? Blackberry’s and iPhones, iPads and the such are great for many things but not for organizing yourself.

You must manage your life. Management is defined as, “The act of controlling.” Is your whole  life under control?

YOU are the only person that is responsible for controlling the events in your life. Quit blaming everyone else and get with it if you want to avoid a whole lot of regrets later on.

With self discipline and good planning, almost anything is possible.

The best resolution is to be happy. When you take care of yourself and help others, you will be happy.

Happy New Year….Lee

PS: Creating Magic,the book and Creating Magic,the App are doing extremely well. I appreciate all of your  support.

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