Get Your Team Heading in the Same Direction

Creating Disney Magic Episode 437 Get Your Team Heading in the Same DirectionToday, Jody and I examine how you can get your team moving in the same direction.

I recently did a workshop for the City of Miami Gardens. It was a wonderful experience. The training demonstrated the importance of education and exposure when forming opinions. It is a good investment if an organization can afford a workshop or multi-day training. When a team goes through shared lessons, it helps to get everyone going in the same direction.

Even if you can’t afford live training, there are many free resources that will foster the same experience and outcomes. There are many resources you can use to train and develop your team that won’t cost you anything. Podcasts or books that you experience together. Take the time to do this with your team and get them to focus on the same things. Take in the content and then discuss it. Determine how it applies to your company or department.

There is a way to make a difference. Don’t just listen or read for entertainment. Put it into action; this is how you build a common foundation. You reach individuals, and everyone works on getting a little better every day. This is how you will gain momentum. It is the first step toward changing a culture.

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