Happy Easter...13 days to go!

Hello Everyone

If you have my Creating Magic iPhone or Android Apps you received a reminder yesterday that Easter Sunday was only two weeks away. For those of you whom celebrate Easter I would like to tell you about a special Easter Egg we have at our beach house with my three grandchildren.

I prepare twelve plastic eggs for each one of them and put their initials on then so that all three end up with 12 each. Inside the eggs I put IOU’s:

IOU a trip to the book store….The Book Bunny

IOU a pancake breakfast when you sleep over at Mami and Papi’s house….The Pancake Bunny

IOU a trip to the candy store…The Candy Bunny

IOU an App of your choice….The App Bunny

Each egg also has a few jelly beans, a few Hershey Kisses and a few coins. After the 3 minute hunt we all return to the house and have pancakes and the kids sort out the loot.

You get the idea….We also make sure they remember why we celebrate Easter.

13 days to go so think about having fun and celebrating Easter….Lee

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