How Do You Honor Seniority-Based Scheduling and Treat Team Members As individuals?


Question:  How do you honor a seniority-based scheduling approach while at the same time consider the individual needs of  your fellow team members?


This is a good question and one that needs to be addressed in organizations that have a seniorty based scheduling system.


Here is how I think about it.  We, as leaders, have to follow the seniority rules, and we have to be great leaders for our fellow team members.


The key concept for me is that we always “TRY.” Let’s say that a team members is working Monday through Friday and needs to be off on Fridays to take his or her child for special training or counseling because of a disability or school problem.  All we can do is “TRY” our best.


  • You can speak to the entire team and see if someone would help out by changing his or her schedule with the person needing to be off. 
  • You could ask everyone to do everything possible to find a replacement.
  • You could work with HR to try to find another job for this team member so they could transfer in order to be off on Fridays, if one exists.
  • You could just work without that position and make it through the day the best way you can on Fridays, depending on the seriousness of the issue you are trying to deal with.
  • You can work with your fellow managers to see if they can come up with some creative solutions that you may not have thought of.


Making sure that you have tried your best is all you can do, and making sure that the team member you are trying to help knows that you have tried very hard is important as well.  In the end, as leaders, all we can do is “TRY” our best and then forgive ourselves.


Your fellow team members will really appreciate your efforts on their behalf, whether it works out in the end or not.   . Have a great weekend everyone and for Disney Cast Members…Have a magical weekend.

PS:  I am heading to Alburqueque tomorrow to deliver a keynote speech to the Army Corps of Engineers and then to Santa Fe for a little mini vacation. I will soon tell you about my new 20 minute workout program. I have finished five sessions now and can really feel the difference. I am stronger, I sleep better and feel really upbeat.


Great Leaders Look for the Better Way Every Day!!!!!


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