How's the Culture in Your Kingdom

how's the culture in your kingdom dan cockerellDan Cockerell returns to Creating Disney Magic to talk about his new book, How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom.

Four stages to building a healthy culture; Leading Self, Leading Teams, Leading an Organization, Leading Change.

A leader understands they have to take care of themself before they can take care of other people. Taking care of yourself is probably the hardest thing a leader has to do.

Dan explains there is more to taking care of yourself than physical fitness. You also need to tend to your mental and moral fitness, too.

How you take care of yourself flows into how you lead a team.

Few organizations have a leadership strategy. How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom will help you develop a deliberate strategy for leadership. Don’t leave leadership to be a byproduct of the work you are doing. Be deliberate about building a culture. It’s all about people.

In this episode, Dan will walk you through how to develop a clear leadership strategy.

Don’t miss out on the new book, How’s the Culture In Your Kingdom.