Implementing the Four Keys to Making Decisions

disney four keysAt Disney World we use four keys to make decisions.

The four keys help people understand how to make decisions.

Here are the four keys:

Safety – Is the decision you are about to make going to be safe?

Courtesy – Disney is famous for being friendly and clean. Any cast member you meet will go out of their way to take care of you.

Show – Are we ready to put on a great show? Is the area clean? Are the props in the right place? Are the cast members prepared?

Efficiency – When you are in business you have to be efficient. Always look for a better way. Can we do it quicker? Does someone else have a better way?

If you implement these four keys you will make solid decisions in your organization.

On this episode of Creating Disney Magic, we take the four keys and show how to implement them for a corner drug store. You don’t have to be Disney World to implement the four keys.