Interviews by Lee, Jobs in China and The Post Office

Hello Everyone

Below are two interviews I recently did which you might find of value and interest.

Lee Cockerell Recent Audio Interview:

Lee Cockerell Video Interview at the Magic Kingdom:

The link below is for anyone or anyone who knows someone who would like to work in China for Disney teaching English.

All of the qualifications are listed on the site. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who has the right experience and credentials: Distney English new recruiting website:


The post office is not going under completely because of email. It is going under because the service in the physical post offices is terrible. I went today to my local post office to mail the contracts to my literary agent for my new book. This is Christmas and they had two people on duty. There was a long line and everyone in line had a lot of packages to mail. This is typical at the post office I go to.

After I finished crying I drove to UPS and mailed my package in less than one minute and paid over 12.00 to do it.

There is not a problem with our postman who deliver our mail. Our postman is excellent and really cares about delivering great service. Once I forgot to put stamps on my tax return and our postman put some on and collected from me the next day so my  return would not be late to the IRS. If Chick-fil-A ran the post office it would be fully staffed. I just came from there after my post office run and had terrific quick service as usual.

If you have packages to mail you better get in line now since Christmas is only 18 days away.

Speaking of Christmas, we flew back from Vietnam on Asiana Airlines. They are first rate. Service is perfect and they had nice Christmas wreaths up on several walls of the plane. US airlines would probably be sued if they even said, “Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas Everyone….Lee


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