Replys About How Bad #Delta and Others Are!

Here are some nice replys from my post yesterday on how bad #Delta Airlines is. Looke like others agree with how good some airlines can be and how bad others can be. This is clearly a leadership issue.



Living in Atlanta, and having several friends who work
for Delta, I too cannot wait for the Southwest/Air Tran merger to be completed.
I have had a mindset of rewarding great service with my patronage. And after
reading your book, I am convinced that these continual lapses of judgement are
not mistakes. They are a mindset of the company and are allowed to continue because
they are not discouraged.

Hi Lee…great post!

Just a quick story about my travels on Southwest

Several years ago, I had traveled from Orlando to Houston
to visit my family.  When I arrived at
the airport for my return trip to Orlando and went to check in, I was told that
my ticket was for the same flight the day before.  (Don’t know how I did that…but, I
did!)  What was I going to do?

The agent asked me to hang on that she needed to check
something out.  After a few minutes of
banging away on her keyboard, she said that she had moved my ticket to that
days flight.  She said she did it using
Rule #843 (I don’t remember the actual number…just an example).  When I asked her what Rule #843 was, she said
it is the rule they use when no other rules make sense…so, she made up a rule
that day that anyone that misses their flight by a day gets moved to the
correct day without a problem.  I LOVE
that rule!

It was all about doing the right thing!  I MESSED UP…I MISSED MY FLIGHT…she fixed
the problem!

As a Houstonian, I have grown up with Southwest Airlines
and have long known that they are a different type of airline.  (Southwest started service a few weeks before
WDW opening in 1971!)

Have a great trip!
Delta may love to fly…but, it doesn’t show!

Hi Lee

I have to agree, although my worst experiences these days
are on US Airways. I was flying to La Guardia this week from Richmond on a
3:40pm flight, and I happened to get there just in time to see my boss boarding
the 2:45pm flight to La Guardia from the same gate. I asked the gate attendant
how full the plane was, and he said “about halfway.” So I said,
“Great, can I get on this flight on standby?” And he replied,
“No, we don’t do standby unless we oversell, but we can switch you to it
for $50.” So here I am, standing at a gate an hour before my identical
flight on an identical plane to an identical destination, being asked to pay
$50 on top of my original fare for a seat that is about to leave empty. How
“policy” centric is that?

Meanwhile, for a far cheaper fare, JetBlue will check my
bag, give me the whole can of soda and an inflight snack, and let me watch
basic cable in my seat all for FREE! I hope you are right about the eventual
phase-out of these legacy airlines who act as if we’re still in the
“miracle of flight” era. Until they do, I will continue to give
JetBlue, AirTran, and SouthWest as much of my business as I possibly can.

I hope the rest of your trip with your family is much

I am starting work on my second book which will be on the subject of SERVICE. I have many contenders for a full chapter. #Delta is in the lead right now for a whole chapter just about them. Sprint is a close second with AT&T not far behind. If anyone has any great stories on service which are magical or involve tragic, please send them to me at: Lee My first book Creating Magic is doing well in ten languages and just completed the 12th printing in English. Have a good weekend….Lee



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