Super Strong, Super Slow In 20 Minutes

Below is a  link to an article about a seminar I did in San Antonio recently at the Super Slow Zone. I started working out at Super Slow Zone in January up in Windermere as did my wife Priscilla. It only takes 20 minutes twice a week and you do it in your regular street clothes because they keep the room at 68 degrees plus fans on you. I even did it one morning in a shirt and tie and then caught a flight to New York. My wife loves it and never misses an appointment and she is not a fan of working out. We have both gotten very strong. I have lost 12 pounds now and am down to a 32 inch waist. The best part is that my blood pressure which had gone up since Priscilla was sick is back to normal and my fat to muscle ratio is down from 26.1% to 18.5%. Not bad for an old man.

Weight bearing exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you get older. Don’t end up regreting that you did not take a few minutes a week to prepare for old age. You can be strong or use a walker and a wheelchair. You control your future in all things….Read the article for more infomation.

If you don’t have 20 minutes twice a week, you are in real trouble. What is  more important than your health. Also being strong really raises your self confidence. Priscilla says that almost all of her former aches and pains are gone after only four months….Lee

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