Take Control of Your Own Leadership Development

take control of your own leadership developmentLeadership comes first. You have to get it right before you work on anything else. Once you get leadership right, everything else will come into line.

On this episode of Creating Disney Magic, I answer a listener question about creating a leadership development business.

My answers apply not just to creating a business, but for anyone who wants to develop as a leader.

First, understand you need to take control of your own leadership development.

Now, here are some thoughts you need to know to develop as a leader.

Understand the content you want to teach.

Have a deep understanding of what you think leadership is.

Anticipate the questions people will ask you.

Have conversations about leadership. The more you talk about it, the more questions you answer, the more you will understand what you believe.

You have to role model what you believe about leadership.

You can become an expert at anything if you focus and spend the time and get the experience. Read, listen to podcasts, read the paper, watch the right programs. If you are passionate and follow through you will become an expert.

If I am going to teach time management, I have to be organized. If you teach something and don’t practice it, everybody knows.


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