The Book of Excuses Is The Largest Book In The World

How many excuses do you have for not having a great life?…Lee


By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

John did not get his raise but it’s not his fault because
he did not get his promotion because he did not get all his work done on time
because they gave him too much to do and because he was late yesterday because
he had to stop for gas because he didn’t stop for gas the night before because
he was late coming home because he was working late because he came in late
that morning because he had to iron a shirt because he had nothing clean to
wear because he forgot to pick up his shirts from the cleaners on his way home
the day before because he was rushing to get to his softball game and he had to
stop and get air in his leaky tire because he forgot to get it fixed last
weekend because he had to answer the phone all day and watch the game on Sunday
because the guys would all be talking about it on Monday and he did not want to
feel left out because that happened before when he missed a game and the guys
laughed at him because he didn’t know about it and that whole day he could not
get anything done at work because he felt so badly and he spent the entire day
speaking with his co-workers asking them if he was really being treated fairly
because he always tries to please other people first because their opinions of
what he should be doing are more important than his own because even though he
has the tools and techniques to better control and manage his time and life
they are uncomfortable to use because it is so much easier to drift and spend
the day responding rather than take the initiative because, after all, “What
would THEY say?” if he tried to achieve new goals that he never reached before
because a lot of what John really wants is not what he is entitled to and can
qualify for because others have what it takes to succeed rather than John
because they got the lucky breaks in their lives and hit it just at the right
time while for John, without having bad luck he would have no luck at all
because that’s what’s true for his family and always has been and always will
be because we cannot change who we are or where we came from or the luck and
bad fortune we have because we have to learn to accept what life gives to us
and ask for no more because that would be impolite and selfish because John
already tried that route once when he went to his boss and asked for a raise
and the boss said that, “You have to do more now than what you are already
being paid for to qualify for a raise. To ask for what you do not deserve and
for what you have not earned is to be selfish and impolite”, but John did not
like what he heard and looked for another reason why he did get his raise and
he found it.

John did not get his raise but it’s not his fault

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