The One Letter You Should Write Every Year

one letter to write every yearThere is one letter I take the time to write for my family every year.

Well, two letters, actually. One letter is to let each member of the family know how much I appreciate them. We all need more appreciation, encouragement, and recognition.

The second letter is a letter you should consider writing every year, but plan on no one reading it.

At the end of each year, I give a letter to my family and instruct them to only open it if I die.

In the letter, is all the information they will need if I am not here to take care of things. Information on insurance, wills, passwords, bank account numbers, phone numbers of important people, car titles, property deeds, and more important documents along those lines.

When I die, everything my family will need will be found in one place. My family will not have to worry. Even in death, my organization will pay off.

It is not easy to think about your own death, and sit down and get all of this information in order. But as with most things in life, you have to get the hard things done now so life will be easy later.

Your family will have enough to deal with when you go. Don’t make it harder on them. Take the time to put all of your important information together.