Email Etiquette


Email Etiquette Guidelines



E-mail Etiquette Guidelines: Quick Reference List 1. Be polite and respectful.

2. Answer all questions.

3. Be concise.

4. Know the difference between “To” and “Cc”.

5. Make it personal.

6. Use templates for frequently used responses.

7. Use descriptive “headers”.

8. Use shorter paragraphs.

9. Line length: don‟t make lines too long.

10. Use proper structure and layout.

11. Don‟t leave out the message thread.

12. Add disclaimers to your e-mails.

13. Do not overuse Reply to All.

14. Use discretion when quoting documents.

15. Be swift.

16. Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

17. Proofread or spell-check before you send.

18. Take care with abbreviations and emotions.

19. Be careful with formatting.

20. Do not attach unnecessary files.

21. Continue to network by other means.

22. Do not overuse the high priority option.

23. Do not bold, underline, use red font, larger size font or write in CAPITALS. ( actually I do this sometimes)

24. Make sure your signature is in accordance with corporate standards.

25. If you receive a message that seems out of character for the sender, double-check before taking seriously.

26. E-mail can be misdirected, even when you are careful.

27. E-mail is easily forwarded to someone else.

28. Delete sent messages with attachments.

29. Eliminate unnecessary e-mail.

30. Do not forward chain letters and do not reply to spam.

31. Do not request delivery and read receipts.

32. Do not ask to recall a message.

33. Do not copy a message or attachment without permission.

34. Do not send or forward e-mails containing: libellous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obsceneremarks.

35. Keep your emails gender neutral


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  1. E-mails can range from melodious to painful but one other point to keep in mind they can also be considered a legal document. There should be no difference in what is in your e-mail than what would come out of your mouth if you were standing in front of your intended recipient.

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