A Purpose Statement Applies to Every Role

a purpose statement applies to every roleWhen I was a General Manager at a hotel in Marriott, I came up with a purpose statement for all hotel staff to use as they did their job.

“Be so nice to the guest they won’t believe it.”

A listener asked if the purpose statement should change depending on the level of the employee.

Your organization should have one purpose statement to apply to every role. Even if someone has a backstage role, they still contribute to how you serve the customer. Even if you never see a customer, understanding the purpose statement can change the way you approach your job.

If “being so nice to the gues they won’t believe it” is our purpose statement, it may change how you approach your backstage role. Maybe you make a purposeful walk through the lobby to say Hello to customers. Maybe you walk to your car slower to see if you can find a chance to help someone. Maybe you help out front-line workers so they are better prepared to serve.

At Walt Disney World, our purpose statement is “make sure every Guest has the most fabulous time of their life.” When Cast Members keep this top of mind, the front-line gets focus and support from managers and backstage roles. And the Guest wins. Everyone is focused on making sure every Guest has a fabulous time.

No matter what your role or your organization, you can apply a purpose statement to drive you every day. When customers feel good about you, they will do more business with you.