Engagement Vital

Make the Emotional Connection
We all need to remember when we deal with one of our customers, to take the time to make the emotional connection.  Products can always be duplicated or, at least with enough money, can be replicated to some degree.

The one thing that set you apart from the rest of the world is the emotional connection that you make with your customers

You and your fellow employees can make a huge difference in your customers lives in so many ways by engaging with them and showing them you care about them.

 As long as you have good products it is the emotional connection with your customers that keep them coming back year after year after year.   People want to own a piece of this wonderful place. 

High Guest Satisfaction scores are not enough to ensure your future.  These scores certainly do help keep your customers coming for some period of time . . . but the real reason that people stay with us throughout their entire lifetime is that they have an emotional connection you and and your team who come to work every day to serve them and to be friends with them.

When people have a strong emotional attachment to something or to someone, they find it very difficult to leave.

Remember that being just friendly and courteous is not enough.  True engagement is when you make your customers feel special . . . and when you treat them as individuals . . . and when you show total respect for each individual and for children in particular . . . and last, but not least, when you are making your team knowledgeable about all parts of their job.u 

When your customers walk away knowing your name or something about you and when we walk away from an engagement with one of our customers and you know their names or something about them, then you are on the way to developing an emotional attachment.

I read an article recently that ended with the following quote:  “It should be obvious.  Satisfaction without engagement is a trivial pursuit.”

This is one of the most important things that we must all learn how to do a lot better to ensure that we will not simply prevail, but thrive!   . . . Lee

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