Forget About Diversity

When you read my new book you will learn why diversity is not the goal. Read the following exert from Chapter 3 of my book to learn that the real goal is to have an inclusive environment where everyone matters and they know it. When leaders create this kind of environment, diversity follows, because everyone wants to work in this kind of culture.The reason inclusion is so important is simple: When everyone matters and everyone knows he or she matters, employees are happy to come to work, and they’re eager to give you their energy, creativity, and loyalty. The result is predictable: more productivity and satisfaction; less absenteeism and turnover. On the other hand, when people don’t feel included, they become apathetic and perform at less than their full capacity. To put it simply, all people want exactly what you want. You want to be included, listened to, respected, and involved, don’t you? You want to be asked your opinion and have it taken seriously. You want to feel valued. And you want to be known as an individual and treated as such. Well, so does everyone else. That’s why great leaders make sure that everyone in the workplace—no matter the rank or position—feels included and no one feels left out.


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