"40" Is A Good Start

Good Day Everyone…Next Sunday, August 3, 2008 Priscilla and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Wow, how did that happen? Forty years really zipped by. I married a saint. I moved her around the world 11 times before settling down in Orlando fifteen years ago. We have lived in Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Tarrytown, NY, Los Angles, Lancaster, PA., Philadelphia, Rockville, MD., Springfield MA., Paris, Orlando. We enjoyed every city we lived in.

We are heading to our favorite restaurant, Coq au Vin, this Saturday night. The owner is Louis and Magdalena Perrotte. What a great job they have done for the last 25+ years. They do such a great job that I am sure the so called recession is not affecting their business very much, if at all.

The location of the restaurant is over on Orange Avenue and not in one of the fancy malls that seem to attract all of the chain restaurants. I have never been there when Louis and Magdalena have not taken the time to come by our table to check on us, even though the place is jam packed and he is keeping the kitchen humming while Magdalena makes sure that their guests all receive a warm welcome.

The menu is simple French food. You can take your own wine for a $15.00 *cork-age fee per bottle. Louis even introduced half portion entrées a few years ago. His prices are reasonable therefore creating excellent value.

If you want to see excellence in action and how two people can create in my opinion the best restaurant in town, then go to Coq au Vin, then go back to your organization and think about how you can move from good to great or even great to greater.

Have a good weekend everyone….Lee

*Cork-age: a fee charged to patrons for bringing in their own wine, Origin 1830-1840

  1. Lee,
    Congrats to you and Priscilla. Karen and I are exactly 28 years behind you all. She’s my saint after 5 moves. Coq au Vin sounds wonderful, we’ll try it. I’ll also put in a plug for any meal that is followed by a trip to the Dessert Lady on Kirkman.

  2. Hi Lee congrats on your 40th!! Wow thats awesome. My husband and I are on our 9th year so we are 31 behind you. Hope you have a fabulous celebration!

  3. Wow lee…40 years… that’s just awesome. Being a single guy that struggles to hit 40 days together :), I just look at you two in awe. Congrats again, and here’s to another 40!

  4. A day late but…warm wishes on your 40th and many more to come. Hope the day was filled with memories and laughter. All the best,

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