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I hope you enjoy the things my mother taught me.

I would appreciate hearing from you all who read this blog. What do you think? What subjects do you want to hear more on. You don’t have to post your name to leave me a comment.

Please stay in touch and have a good weekend…Lee

Dear Lee:

It has been a while since I heard from you, and I would appreciate it if you would call me every week.  I want to hear about the children and how you are doing with your work.  How is Priscilla doing?  I know you are busy and that my request may be unreasonable, but I did bring you into the world after all, so I know what busy is all about. 

I have learned that there is nothing more important than family, even though we all sometimes think that our jobs and careers are more important.  In the end, we learn that it is family and friends that are the main thing.  After your career is over and you don’t have that big title anymore, you may not hear from people as much as you did before; and I assure you that they might not be as nice to you when you are not the Executive Vice President any longer.  Did you ever wonder, Lee, if people are nice to you or nice to the Executive Vice President?  There is a difference you know.  You do know, don’t you?

If you are a great leader and pay attention to the people and stay sensitive to the human issues, then you stand a chance of being invited to things after you retire.  So, anyway, I just wanted you to remember to stay in touch with your family and friends.  Put it in your calendar to call me.  You teach lots of people to schedule their priorities, don’t you?  So put me in that little Day-Timer you carry in your back pocket; and after you call me, call your grandmother because she adores you.     . . . Mother

PS:  You can even call collect.

  1. The wisdom is both prophetic and haunting. Most of us wish we could do the correct thing one more time, and your lessons from mother bring back many important memories. I miss them in the Diary.

  2. I loved her when she was here and still love her thoughts and “suggestions”. Mothers really do hit the right note-even if we don’t want to hear it! These are my favorite ramblings of yours! Love, S

  3. I would love to hear mother talk about trust in the workplace since she is an expert in that area as well!

  4. Lee always appreciate your blog and have been reading since I met you in Sierra Vista, AZ.

    I really liked your comments a time or two ago about putting one’s self in the customers shoes when attempting to fix an issue.

    One thing I have always wanted to hear the “Disney” take on is when and how do you tell a customer to find his or her happiness elsewhere. Or does the need never arise in your model?

    Thanks again for the blog. It is very helpful.

  5. I did retire once, and your mom makes a good point. After you leave your true friends stay close but many others move on. This is actually a positive evolution because I would much prefer to spend time and energies with the True friends.

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