The MOMENT Of TRUTH is an interesting concept to think about and to stay aware of at all times.

This concept basically means that when your customers come into contact with one of your employees or with your product they will either have a positive or negative impression and experience. This moment is The Moment of Truth.  It doesn’t  matter what the great advertising on TV said . . . or what a friend told them about your service and products . . . or what their memories were from a past visit.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Moments of Truth for your customers:  from the first time they pick up the phone and call your organization to when they arrive at your place of business, to when they start to come into contact with your employees, to when they step into an elevator, to when they walk a restroom or look for something on the shelves to buy.

The Moments of Truth continue throughout their visit.  Going to the restroom is a Moment of Truth—Is it clean? In a hotel there are many moments of truth. Turning on the air conditioner—Does it work?  Is the room clean?  Is the food hot?  Is the driver great?  Are the parking lots clean and trash free? Is the landscaping in good shape? Is the front entrance clean and inviting? Is the room reservation correct?  Are you providing special requests upon arrival?  Is the music on in the restaurant?  Is the show starting on time?  Do you have the merchandise in stock?  You get the idea! Every business has it’s own moments of truth. Do you know what yours are? Do you know which ones really matter more than others?

The whole point is that your customers are gaining impressions as they come into contact with you and with your product . . . over and over and over.  They can have a problem with a rude employee or an employee that is not knowledgeable and well trained . . . but there is a safeguard, and that safeguard is the rest of your team.

When Guests come into contact with you, and you make them feel special, treat them as individuals, respect them and their children, and are  knowledgeable, then the memory of that bad employee experience they had becomes diluted . . . and they go home with great impressions and  memories of their visit with you and your organization.

So just remember that YOU and your whole team have the power to make those Moments of Truth fabulous for your customers…. Lee

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