Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Professionals keep their eye on the ball in good times and especially in challenging times. The needs of your customers do not change just because we are in a recession. And remember that everyone is not in a recession.

The ball is your customers and and your fellow employees. When you take your eye off the ball your score declines rapidly.  You need to stay focused on your customers and your fellow team members as you go through difficult ecomomic times so that you continue to deliver exceptional service  . .  . and make dreams come true for all of your customers who will be coming to do business with you.

As professionals, we should not be sharing any of our business challenges with our customers.  Your customers are well aware that there is a worldwide economic slowdown, and they don’t need to be reminded of it when they come to do business with you. Make this very clear to your team.

If your customers wanted reality and bad news, they would have stayed home and watched the news on TV.  Just remember that each one of us has the ability to make doing business with our organization a special experience for our customers… Lee


It is one thing to be friendly and courteous . . . but when YOU are friendly, courteous, and competent, that is really special.

Everywhere you go in the world today, there is a lack of competence in service.  Many organizations have friendly people and courteous people, but—so often—they are not competent. This is usually just a lack of teaching and training; and as a result:

  • They don’t have great product knowledge.
  • They don’t have a good understanding of their organization’s Vision and Mission.
  • They don’t understand why it’s important to know their purpose and their role.
  • They often don’t have basic knowledge or communication skills to be able to solve a customers problem.
  • They often don’t have good listening skills.
  • They often don’t care.

I will tell YOU one thing for sure. If this is happening in your business then it is the managments fault…period!

People will do what you want them to do if you will just be clear with them on what that is.

One of the great feelings for an individual’s self-worth is to be competent.  If you want to improve anyone’s self-esteem and self-confidence, just focus on personal development and make him or her competent.  Competent people then just naturally become friendly and courteous.

A Guest told me once, “Lee, your servers are really friendly and really incompetent.  They smile, but they don’t know the menu . . . and they don’t know anything about the wines . . . and they don’t even know the soup of the day.”  That hurt and got me  focused on making sure that I was always paying attention to training and development from that day forward.  The only way to excellence is through education and enforcement with large doses of appreciation, recognition and encouragement….Read all about this free fuel in my book, Creating Magic…10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From a Life at Disney. The book is coming out on October 14, 2008 but is available for pre-order now. Go to my website to learn more about the book and to find the link to order it. My site is: Amazon is offering a great price right now for pre-orders.

Learn how to create magic in all parts of your life. Have a good weekend….Lee

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