Are You Doing What Is Important

Every job has one or two things that are more important to your customers than other things.

How well are you executing the basics in your business?

For every job there is one or two things that are the most important for your customers.  Make sure you know what that is for your operation, teach it to your employees, and keep it top of mind.  Here are some examples of what is most important to customers in some operations:

  • Hotel front desk:  getting checked into the room.
  • Housekeeping:  clean rooms.
  • Restaurants:  for the kitchen, great food, and for the dining room, great service.
  • Quick-Service Restaurants:  good food fast.
  • Retail Stores:  Help customrs find what they want and have it in inventory.
  • Attractions:  short waits.
  • Shows:  professional and entertaining.
  • Hospitals: accuracy and communication with patient
  • Characters:  see the ones they want to see!
  • Custodial:  clean facility
  • Cashiers:  accurate fast transactions
  • Customer Service department:  authority to make decisions for the customer on the spot
  • Payroll:  accuracy.

And for all jobs, the ability:

  • To make your customers feel special,
  • To treat them as individuals,
  • To show total respect to them, and
  • For all employeees, to be knowledgeable . . . and the most important one of all, SAFETY!

So, focus on “What’s Important” first!   . . . Lee

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