Bond Early

The first few months are the most important times to bond with a new baby. It is pretty much the same with a new employee.

Each one of us as leaders has the responsibility to create an environment where our fellow employees can perform their roles in the show to the best of their ability.  We are the ones who have the ability to turn interest into commitment.  Those first 90-180 days that a employee is with your organization are critical, and you need to stay very close to that individual so that you are there for him or her when frustration hits . . . or if the employee becomes unhappy and is thinking about quitting. You can’t save them all, but you can save a lot of them if you engage them and get to know them better and better and be there for them when they need you.

The less turnover you have, the more time you will have to do other things to improve your environment and your business results.

Remember that the best way to make dramatic leaps in service and to control events is to:

  1. Hire Great People.
  2. Train Them.
  3. Get to Know Them Better Every Day.
  4. Make Them Feel Special.
  5. Treat Them as Individuals.
  6. Respect Them.
  7.  Develop Them, Train Them and Know Their job.

Remember the formula for success is . . .
Healthy Environment + Strong Relationships = Commitment.

When people are in a healthy, respectful environment and have strong relationships, it is very difficult for them to walk away in their personal or business life.

We, the leaders, have the most opportunity to make this happen…Lee

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  1. Yip…Common Sense but not Common Practice….Lee

    This is so true. I have seen this many times. We have had temps as well as permanent employees and found that the more time you spend training and working one on one with them and getting to know them personally the better worker and employee they are apt to be for you and your Company. Thanks again for the wonderful advise.

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