Keep The Family Together

Turnover is what will bring companies to their knees in the years ahead.

When I was at Disney I received e-mails, letters, or phone messages several times a week from Cast Members wanting to tell me know what a great leader they had and how much they appreciated it. 

The amount of feedback I received on this subject continued to grow over the years.  This really proved to me how important great leadership is and how much it is appreciated.

This kind of feedback is an excellent indicator of the progress you are making in the area of leadership behaviors and commitment from your team.

Basically what I heard was that my leader:

  •        Is available for me when I need him or her.
  •        Involves me in the business.
  •        Shows respect for me.
  •        Does a great job of training me and developing me.
  •        Jumps in and helps out when I need him or her.
  •        Is great at giving me feedback on how I can be better, and most of all,
  •        Frequently tells me how much I am appreciated.

These are the leading indicators that you are doing the right things . . . and that YOU are creating the right environment where your teams will not simply prevail, but will thrive.

Keeping your team together is vital, just as it is for a family. When mom or dad leaves the family, the family suffers. When a member of your team leaves your organization the organization suffers.  Work hard at keeping your teams and families together.

 I knew that some Cast Members were going to transfer to other areas of the company.  That is not the kind of loss that I am referring to.  I mean when they voluntarily leave the company.

When they leave you lose all of their skills and knowledge; And their fellow Cast Members and Guests suffer.  As a leader you must prevent this by creating a great environment for them so they will stick with you through thick and thin.

Every business leader and every couple needs to work hard on keeping the family together for the sake of the customers and for the sake of the children  . . . Lee

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  1. Hi Lee,
    I have been forwarding your emails to my staff and operating committee here at the club. They have been a great help in developing action plans for our employee engagement survey results. Thanks

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