Plan Your Day

Here are some more hints on how to plan your day and your life. Keep you life under control.

As you plan you day think about three things:

a). What did you not do so well yesterday that you need to go back and fix

b). Think about the responsibilities you signed up for in your life and which ones needs some of your attention today.

c). Think about what you should do which will not pay off for years and years from now.

  1. Plan your day before you start.
  2. In your plan, focus on people as well as things and initiatives.
  3. Be available to people.
  4. Listen!
  5. Tell people how much you appreciate them—often!
  6. Give your direct reports feedback so they can develop.
  7. Take the time to hire right.
  8. Be clear about your expectations for performance.
  9. Be a strong advocate for diversity.  Respect, Appreciate, and Value Everyone . . . and talk about it!!
  10. Involve your team in the work.
  11. Pay attention to how you are perceived—it’s your reputation!
  12. Make sure your team sees and hears from you every day.
  13. Teach your team how to do it.
  14. Walk in their shoes—Cross-U!
  15. Give as much authority as possible.
  16. Deal with nonperformers.
  17. Pay attention to the high performers.
  18. Set the example—24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year!
  19. Walk your area of responsibility:  coaching, thanking, teaching, and inspiring.
  20. Be GREAT!!

Do these things and you will have far fewer regrets later in your life adn you will be much more successful….Lee

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