Leaders Don't Have Bad Days

Someone asked me recently what I do when I have a bad day.

I told that person, “I don’t have a bad day.”

As a Leader, you really do need to be alert to your demeanor each and every day and what you say and do, as they are watching you and judging you.

Do I really ever have a bad day?  Sure I do, but you are never going to see it.  If I am in such a state that I cannot control my behaviors and be positive and professional, then I will either go home and stay away from people . . . or lock myself in my office, and take no calls or see anyone until I recover.

Having a bad day is all in YOUR mind.  One of the best ways to stay positive and to have fewer bad days is to feel good . . . and the best way to feel good is to get daily exercise, watch your diet, and get enough sleep.

These are the three most important ingredients in feeling good; and when you feel good and have a high-energy level, you will have fewer bad days.

A healthy diet includes drinking enough water every day.

Being organized is another way not to have a bad day.  When you are organized, you don’t suffer from distress, which is defined as “lacking control.”

We, as Leaders, are supposed to be setting the example and inspiring others . . . so, we need to remember that is our role in the show, and there is nothing in that role that says that we are supposed to be making others feel insecure.

Just look at the positive attitude the candidates running for president display after losing every state in one day. You know they are having a bad day but they still know the secret of being positive.

Our role is to be supportive and to remove the roadblocks.  So when you are having a bad day, just put on a happy face and keep it to yourself!   . . . Lee

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  1. Lee – in the shorth time I worked with you, you certainly embodied this message. I still remember the transition at the Springfield Marriott as there was a leadership change.

    Knowingly or not, you have become a role model for many.


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