Open Position for Proofreader

Thank you Marsha Davis, David Bass and Lynn Franklin

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my blog  today and especially to my friends who pointed out that I need to keep spell check turned on and that I need to find someone to be my proofreader.

Marsha Davis who was my administrative assistant at Walt Disney World was the first to point out all of my mistakes. I asked her if she would read my blog on a daily basis and give me quick feedback. I will see what her reply is tomorrow.

 I might try to convince my wife Priscilla to do my proofreading but she warned me when I retired that she was not my administrative assistant. I will tell her that I am making her an equal partner in the company and that she does not work for me.  I will propose that she become the co-president of Lee Cockerell, LLC. Maybe that will work. Wish me luck.

Please continue to give me feedback. I was the best speller in first grade and then I went downhill.

Leadership Lesson: Real friends and real leaders tell you the truth because they care.

If there is anyone out there who would like to be my proofreader and spell checker let me know. This will look really good on your resume.

  1. I thought you were doing that to make us “feel” your leadership-you know, one with the people and all that! I know Priscilla did a lot of work with English as a second language, possibly she could help even an Okie! I will continue to read, with interest, maybe I’ll be a leader someday…

  2. Still waiting on the book. You better hurry I may retire in a few years before I have the opportunity to improve my leadership skills. I read Mr. Marriott’s blog and he has overcome the spellcheck problem using a dictaphone and an assistant. But he may have a larger staff than you at this time. Happy New Year and Best Wishes

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