Build Relationships Before You Need Them

Creating Disney Magic Episode 507 Build Relationships Before You Need Them

“Make sure you’re doing things for other people long before you’re going to ask them to do something for you.”

A crucial aspect of leadership and management is building relationships before you need them. When a someone takes the time to build relationships across departments, they ensure seamless collaboration when the time comes. Throughout my years as a leader, including an executive with The Walt Disney Company, I learned a number of practical strategies that maintain strong connections and while also making sure everyone is held accountable.

Everyone needs to recognize that proactive relationship building is always valuable. Develop strong connections with colleagues outside your department long before you need their help. Invest time in genuine interactions—have a casual lunch, send a thank-you note, or simply check in. These small gestures accumulate and solidify a foundation of trust and mutual support.

When you need to delegate tasks outside your department, be persistent yet considerate. This is not as challenging to do when you have already built a relationship and have an empathetic lens.  Humor and directness can go a long way in breaking resistance. There are times you will have to push through the obstacles, but always maintain a respectful and understanding demeanor towards others’ pressures and workloads.

In our digital age, it’s easy to rely on emails and texts. Switch things up and prioritize communication over convenience. Picking up the phone or having face-to-face conversations can resolve issues more effectively and save time. Direct communication makes sure everyone has clarity and shows your commitment to collaboration.

Whether you’re in management, customer service, or just interested on leadership advice, this episode is an important one. If you are ready to create magic in your organization, make sure to listen. By the end you will be ready to build relationships that will pave the way for smoother operations and enhanced cooperation.

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