Create a Vision People Can Rally Around

Creating Disney Magic Ep 464 Create a Vision People Can Rally Around

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably not going to get there. – Lee Cockerell

Vision comes from a leader that sees the desired future for an organization. It’s crucial for leaders to transfer this vision to employees, so they can visualize it and get excited about it. One of the challenges leaders face is translating their enthusiasm and clear image of the future to their team members.

During our conversation, Jody and I talk about the importance of effectively communicating vision and mission to our teams. Many employees often don’t understand or connect with their organization’s vision and mission statements. There is a need for leaders to clarify and explain these concepts in relatable ways. That clarity helps employees more clearly visualize the vision and get excited about it.

One great example is the military. Everyone has different roles but shares the same purpose. This purpose keeps them motivated during challenging times and helps them push through. This is an example of why I emphasize the importance of communicating the vision with every employee, including new hires, vendors, and even customers. It’s about creating a sense of shared purpose and understanding.

Vision and mission should not be solely focused on financial goals. Instead, they should provide something meaningful and valuable to both the team and the company. It’s about creating a sense of purpose and a shared understanding of what the organization is working towards.

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