Dealing With Anxiety (Podcast)

Lee Cockerell Creating Disney MagicIn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, Lee Cockerell talks about his recent battle with Anxiety.

After years of pushing himself for success and holding back his feelings about stress, Lee is now dealing with Anxiety. Lee discusses his experience and offers suggestions on how others can deal with the problem.

  1. Lee–
    Thank you so much for being so open about this topic. I am dealing with Anxiety disorder myself and much like you it hit me suddenly. At first I tried to deal with it myself and when it got to the point I felt I could not, I reached out to my Dr. and he has been amazing. I am taking meds and they are really helping a lot. I never thought about acupuncture and may try that next. Mine started right after my brother passed away suddenly of heart failure. My Dr. prescribed meds that did not help me and I had a panic attack….I never had that in my life and truly thought I was going to pass out. He calmed me down and we tried another type of meds and I have been on them for about a year now and I feel so much better. Again, thank you for your openness…you’ve made me feel like I am not alone. Best, Carol

  2. Lee, I do know someone who is going through quite a bit of what you described. Hearing you speak so candidly about this (and empathizing with how hard it must have been to do so!) has given me a bit more insight as to how to help him – my dear Type A husband! You are very correct in saying how hard this is – not just on the person going through it but on those around them. Believe you me, I have suggested that my husband seek help, but I think he’s afraid to do so – therefore, I have become his in-house sounding board! It does drive one a bit to distraction when he can’t focus, or paces, or has insomnia, etc. You are so fortunate in having a very supportive wife and family and I will continue to my husband as well.
    Please know that you have many other supporters and well-wishers out here as well. If you need to talk, please feel free to chat with me…after all, you have helped me a time or two in the past…and what are friends for?

    Wishing you bettter times ahead,
    Lisa Yetman
    Pasadena, MD

  3. Lee, thanks for sharing such a personal phase of your life as well as the effect it has on your family. There is no doubt Priscilla will be your most valued support during this struggle. I suffered through this at 27 with the loss of Jason but did not seek help, luckily and amazingly, I came through on the other side with the love and determination of W! One of the best things I ever heard and use everyday was a quote from a minister. “Everyone we know carries a heavy load, be kind and don’t think you are the only one with demons to fight.”
    Our love, as always, is with you, Priscilla, Dan and family

  4. I wanted to thank you for sharing this intimate personal detail about your life. There are so many who struggle with anxiety and depression every day who are becoming more comfortable with opening up about their experiences and seeking help because people like you open the floor and share your insight. In my own journey with anxiety and depression, I’ve discovered a wonderful community called Happier. A free app daily interactive that promotes and encourages happiness by acknowledging moments in your life. They also offer some great classes and seminars right from the app (most of them are free too). It’s truly a great way to jump start your positive thinking and set you a healthier track. I’ve found the daily use of this app/community to make a huge impact in my life when it comes to anxiety and just remembering to focus on the joy and happiness in my life.

    Thank you for continue to inspire and teach us, we look forward to every pod cast and post!

  5. Lee,
    There are no words to describe how comforting this podcast has been and I couldn’t have heard at a more perfect time in my life. Thank you for being so brave to share your personal story and daily struggle with anxiety. Before hearing this I felt so alone in my fight, feeling ashamed, and weak for not just being able to just snap out if it. As I listened to your blog tears streamed down my cheeks, I began to feel such a release. I’ve been suffering with this debilitating anxiety since November. I’ve been being treated and getting professional help for months now, I was discharged from my therapist after being out of work for an extended period of time. I had some real low points during that time but started to feel much better. I was back to work and even though tensions have been high, I was in a good routine, working out, eating well and having a good work life balance. I was recently very discouraged and set back after still being on strong meds but once again experiencing night terrors, insomnia and mini episodes of panic attacks and extream irrational anxiety. I have such a blessed life with an amazing, supportive husband and an awesome job of my dreams that I love! I can’t tell you how much I could relate to everything you said and I’m so inspired to keep fighting to find new ways to conquer this disease. It’s unreal how well I hide my disorder but it’s become so unfair to my husband and family because work gets the best of me. I’m on all the time smiling, remaining positive, cool under pressure, getting things done. However, when I get home I’m a basket case once again, crying, nervous tics, restless, not wanting to leave my room let alone my house. I’ve felt so enabled with the meds as a clutch especially when I found myself popping the as needed ones like candy when facing a stressful situation at work or when things begin piling up on my plate and feeling unable to focus, taking forever just to write a simple email. I’m beyond determined to get off the meds because they really are only temporary fix and obviously not working because I’m back to square one. I’ve been researching different vitamins, meditation techniques, yoga and now after hearing your podcast I’m going to try acupuncture. I finally was honest with not only myself but my boss. My husband wants so bad for me to feel better and have the strong, fun carefree woman he married back, he wants me to leave my job but I don’t want this disease ti take away what I’ve worked so hard forfit and what I truly love to do. However, I want more than anything to really feel like myself again and truly be healthy. To no longer have to pretend or put on a fascade, hiding what a shell of a person I’ve become. Thank you so much for such a raw and honest account of your experiences and continual struggle with anxiety. It gives me SO much hope and reassurance to know I’m not crazy, that it’s an illness and I’m not the only one going through this. You’ve inspired me to become more open and honest about this to not only my family but my peers and friends. Nothing’s worse then feeling alone in this fight not understanding why and beating yourself up over it because you can’t snap out ifof it. it’s a vicious cycle but I’m determined to win the fight. After hearing your post, I finally came to the realization that I’m just wired this way & I have to face it, and no longer can put it on the back burner, thinking it will disappear on its own. Please know your in my thoughts and prayers and am so sorry you’ve had to experience this illness. However, I’m so grateful for you and admire your strength in sharing your story. You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made in my life but anyone whose lives will be touched through the ripple effect. My goal is to not only get better but to help raise awareness by sharing my story in hopes to help those hiding their struggle. Also, recognizing young talent with Type “A” personalities like ourselves heading in a path that could lead to such a debilitating state of mind.

    God Bless & Thank You,


  6. Lee, thanks for your honesty. Thanks for not just “taking a week or 2 off” under the guise of working on side projects. Thank you for allowing us as leaders to realize we are HUMANS first, leaders second. I wish you well and hope you’re back to full strength soon!

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