Dealing with Bad Meetings

Creating Disney Magic Episode 505 Dealing with Bad Meetings

“Leaders need to recognize how important it is to have trust and involvement and being inclusive, and especially appreciating people telling you the truth.”

One way to create a toxic environment and drive away talent is to lead with a “my way or the highway” style. Recently a listener reached out with a question about dealing with bad meetings. The meetings she mentions are so bad that employees now call their meetings the “you suck meeting.” This term was coined by employees frustrated by the negative and authoritarian style of their morning meetings. Unfortunately, culture issues like this can develop in any workplace if leadership doesn’t strive for positive and inclusive communication.

If you are ever in a toxic workplace situation and are on your way out, consider writing a helpful and constructive note. Let leadership know the impact of their approach. They may not even realize how their actions are driving away good employees. Workplace information delivered the right way can spark change. On the flip side, if you are staying in a workplace with a toxic culture you are going to have to face a hard truth. You either deal with the environment or start looking for a better one.

Leaders need to pay attention. Creating a toxic atmosphere drives away talent. When an employee gives feedback it is important to be open to it. When you create an environment where people feel included in meetings you are less likely to get to a point where your meetings are no longer deemed effective. There are two essential questions to include in your next pre-shift meeting. What do I need to know to help you do a better job? What do you want to be working on? Empower your team through involvement and support.

If you want to be average, let it go. If you want to be great, everything matters. Aim for greatness. And remember that every detail counts.

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Key Moments

03:14 Mishandled meetings lead to a toxic culture.

05:15 Empower employees, listen, learn, and succeed.

07:08 Navigating the choice to improve or accept a bad workplace situation.

09:54 Responding to constructive criticism as a leader.

12:04 Impact of implementing pre-shift meetings

13:45 Recapping the art of effective meetings


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