Great Leaders Ask Questions

Creating Disney Magic Episode 504 Great Leaders Ask Questions

“Something I learned from Al Weiss was if you don’t understand something, ask questions.”

During our live recording for episode 500 people asked a lot of questions in the chat. Any time someone asks a question I appreciate it. Years ago while working at Disney I realized that great leaders ask questions. During this episode we answer more questions about my years working for Disney, including who taught me to ask questions.

When I moved to Florida from Paris I worked closely with the president of Walt Disney World, Al Weiss. Al’s clarity, financial acumen, and insistence on understanding the details really shaped my approach to leadership. The company has great attention to detail, which is brought to life through hard work and clear communication from leaders. Those were key in making big moments happen, such as the opening of what was then called Euro Disney. Disney’s commitment to clear expectations, training, and professionalism are the keys to creating Disney magic over and over again.

One of the best parts of being retired and now teaching, speaking, and conducting workshops on more leadership and management lessons like these. I get a lot of joy in passing on valuable knowledge to individuals of all ages. Not only here in businesses and schools, but in locations like Mexico and Brazil. There are always stories and lessons to share after so many years working for an organization like Disney. Let me know how I can help your organization create their own version of Disney magic.

Make sure to listen to this episode and find ways you can apply the lessons in your own work environment. Whether it’s asking more questions to gain clarity, maintaining high standards, or finding opportunities to pass on knowledge to others. Creating a plan is the first step in creating magic.

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Key Moments

01:10 Questions from 500th episode that are focused on Disney

02:49 Importance of asking questions in leadership

06:25 Opening day of “Euro Disney” had challenges with multinational staff

09:31 Disney enforcing professional uniform and appearance standards.

11:08 Value of sharing knowledge across generations.

15:31 Experience and exposure opens eyes to new career paths and possibilities.