Does Your Promise Meet Your Performance?

The following note to me from a Disney fan tells why Disney’s performance matches it’s promise. Do your products and services match your promise? Does your performance match your commericals and advertisements? If your promise and performance don’t match, it is the leaders fault. Select the right people, clarify your expectations, train them and hold them accountable and then your promise will match your performance and your organization will thrive….When you don’t keep your promise, you lose trust and then you lose customers. Customers are only loyal until they find a better deal. Have a great weekend….Lee


I totally get this and it is true.  I am a huge fan of Disney and not just because of the fun, or the characters.  It is what Disney embodies that makes me smile and I was discussing this just the other day.  Nothing needs painting, windows are always clean, people are friendly.  I have never seen a piece of trash on the ground.  The trash cans don’t have bees.  The people who work there know why we are there, it is our vacation and they do everything possible to accomodate “us”.  When you purchase something in the parks they will gladly send it to the room so you don’t have to lug it around all day long.

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