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Creating Disney Magic Ep 485 Follow Through with training

“Most people want to do a good job, but they just fall back into their habits.”

Every manager has had to train new employees at some point in their leadership journey.  Recently a listener reached out with a relatable question. Tina said, ““I train people, but a few weeks in, not only are they not doing what they were trained to do, they have even picked up poor habits. What do I do about it?” There are several things you can do. First place to start is by making sure you follow through with training.

It is vital that leaders are present and observant within your organization. Correct employees immediately when they deviate from the training. On the flip side, make sure you are consistently reminding them of the desired behaviors. It’s like parenting. You need patience and repetition to instill positive habits. Routine and repetition are your best friends. And if things don’t change right away, don’t let yourself get too frustrated.

Morning huddles or pre-shift meetings are a great way to reinforce company standards. These short sessions can serve as a platform to refresh employees on essential behaviors, taking care of the customer, and paying attention to detail. By doing this every morning, managers can effectively correct issues and ensure that employees are aligned with the company’s expectations.

It is important to reinforce training and messages consistently, considering employees’ limited experience and knowledge. The training process should involve a recurring reinforcement of the key principles rather than a complete retraining of all employees. Do this along with routine observations and immediate feedback or corrections can significantly contribute to the development of a well-functioning team.

When employees consistently fail to adhere to the current training, it’s time for managers to make a judgment call. If essential corrections and reminders have not resulted in improvements, it may be necessary to consider making personnel changes. Ultimately, managers should decide if a change is needed after extended efforts to rectify the situation.

Make sure to listen to the full episode for more on the importance of consistent observation, training reinforcement, and knowing when to make changes to build and maintain a successful team. Remember, managing new employees is a bit like parenting, where lots of patience and guidance are needed.

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01:07 Managers need to reinforce good habits in employees.

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