Leaders Break Down Barriers

Creating Disney Magic Episode 501 Leaders Break Down Barriers

“Every problem in business is a person that didn’t do what they say they’re going to do.”

Great leaders are good at removing obstacles to create a cohesive, efficient workplace. However, sometimes you just don’t know why there’s a barrier. When you don’t know, you feel it and you know it’s there, the leader should be the one to step up and find out why. We need to stay committed to the job that we took, which includes taking care of each other and our guests. And when you don’t break down those barriers or put in the effort to remove obstacles, one of those is going to suffer.

Whether you are leading a team, managing a project, or trying to excel in your personal life, understanding and overcoming barriers is key to success. Be proactive about detecting and addressing conflicts that can create barriers within teams. Whether these barriers are relational, organizational, or self-imposed, identifying and directly addressing them can prevent minor issues from becoming major roadblocks.

Being honest and straightforward about challenges has a ton of benefits. It clarifies expectations and builds trust within teams. This openness paves the way for more effective collaboration and problem-solving. When leaders create an culture where apologies and accountability are valued, it encourages a more collaborative and trusting team dynamic. Be open, be honest, and lead with empathy. Candor is kindness.

Recently I realized that I needed to remove some barriers in the Cockerell Academy. It has been revamped to make learning leadership, management, and customer service more structured and accessible. It’s now easier than ever to navigate through the resources with guided paths. Check it out and let me know what you think. There is a link below in the resources.

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Key Moments

01:37 Effective leadership requires self-reflection and collaboration.

03:52 Identifying and overcoming workplace barriers.

05:13 Candor is truth with empathy.

07:01 Identifying and overcoming personal barriers.

10:14 Cockerell Academy program: guiding you to leadership.


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