Leading Through Change

Creating Disney Magic Leading through Change
Today we answer a listener question about leading through change. Should the top leader be the face of change, or should a direct leader represent change for the store they manage?

Transition can be difficult for anyone. When you are a leader and there is a change to implement, you need to approach it with empathy and a clear plan of action. If you are bringing discipline or correction, make sure you take the time to prepare. Having clear takeaway points is important when you communicate what needs to be changed or be done.

When you come alongside the leaders under you, you help them learn to see with your eyes. The opinion doesn’t matter until you are on the same page of expectations. If there is confusion or a difference of opinions, communicate. Let them know you are working on it. Take time to prepare, go over things and then work together to make sure appropriate changes are implemented.

As you come into alignment, allow them to be the person to communicate to their teams the changes that are coming. Allow them to be in control of the standard you set for their team. Creating a clear flow and an untied front will help create a solid culture for your team and help you as you’re leading through change.

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