Liar, Liar Pants on Fire as my Grandchildren Like to Say!

Hi Every0ne

This morning I am having to use my blog to reach people that live in Orange County, Florida and anyone else that is going to vote on November 2.

We are in the middle of an election in Florida for governor, senator, congressmen and women, Orange County Mayor and other posiitons.

I have never been involved in helping candidates for election in the past, but this year I decided to assist Teresa Jacobs as I have known of her for many years. My wife Priscilla told me to get involved because she believes Teresa is not only the best qualified but that she has a very high level of integrity, professionalism and is honest and trusted. I did get involved because I trust Priscilla. She has that womans intuition which I am lacking in.

I am shocked at how her opponent Bill Segal distorts the truth. His campaign comments and ads are just downright misleading. Anyone who stoops to his level should not be elected and I want to get the word out that this is not the kind of person we want in a leadership position. I recommend you Google Bill Segal and Teresa Jacobs and see what is out there. Bill’s Google search lists lots of very shakey things he has done and where there is smoke there is usually fire. I don’t know the man but I do know that most people I run into tell me that he is not the kind of leader we need. Teresa on the other hand has a  clean Google search and her repuation is stellar.

Even Linda Stewart one of the Democratic losers in the recent primary said she would not support Bill Segal and Bill has been called to testify in his involvement in another person who was running for mayor and there is lots of smoke out there about him not holding his vote on commission issues where he had a conflict of interest. He claims he did not understand the law….give me a break. That is the oldest one in the book and the other one is, “I forgot.”

The other person that is just down right distorting the truth,  is Alan Grayson who is running for Congress against Daniel Webster.

This man is a Harvard graduate but somewhere along the line he did not learn professionalism. Priscilla wrote a note to him telling him that we voted for him the last time but we would not this time even though we believe in his position on many issues but we can not vote for a person who is less than honest  in his campaign messages. He is just downright hateful.

All of you out there whether you live in Orange County, Florida or not are going to the polls on November 2. Pick the person that is honest and trustworthy and not the people that will say anything to get elected. We need to restore ethics to our government because as of now most people don’t trust any policitian, including me for the most part.

Winning is important in life but not at any cost…..These people are very poor role-models for our young people and this is a very slippery slope for America…..Lee

PS: I am an independent. I vote for Bush twice but am sorry I did. I vote for Obama and now am sorry I did. I will continue to vote but I hope that one day we will get lucky and get a real leader in office. The way we are going is not good for America. I am really concerned for the my grandchildren’s future. Everyone in politics need to learn to take care of us vs themselves. I am sure the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be very unhappy with the current situation and I would not blame them.

  1. Lee, I would vote for you for President in a heartbeat. I have been waiting for 20 years to vote for a person who really cares about those they represent. We the People has been replaced by We with Wallets. In my job I get paid to find solutions to peoples problems and I don’t get paid if I don’t deliver. Unfortunately in today’s political world we keep rehiring the same people who keep promising us every two or four years that this time they really mean it! Remember the true definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The parties in this country only care about one thing and that one thing is not us.

    Keep fighting the good fight. We love you, Lee!

  2. Lee, as usual a very poignant commentary. I note your statement re being sorry for voting for Obama, I am just curious as to why? Do you think this is a general feeling amongst all those that did vote for him? I am from a land far far away – South Africa, so only pick up what is in the media. I have to just add that our Government and politicians have taken lining their own pockets to an entirely new level. Corruption and nepotism and all that goes with it has become so prevalent and this stretches right up to presidential level. One feels so despondent as there really is nothing that can be done about it.
    I am reading your book at present and am finding it very inspirational. Thank you for the enlightenment, you are adding value to my future with each page I read.

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