Moral Plunges in American Companies


The article in the March 28th USA Today titled, Workers Antsy As Morale Plunges is right on. The concerning part is that the article goes on to say that employers think everything is just fine. I can’t tell you how many great leaders  I know who are out looking for another position because of the way they have been treated during the last few years. The article goes on to state that one in three employees are looking for new organizations to work for. Companies that lose their best talent are going to have lots of regrets.

Frankly resignitions would fall if employeers took on low cost actions such as offering career advancement advice and showing some Appreciation, Recognition and Engcouragement to deserving workers.

At the end of the day employees just want to know that someone cares about them as a person and they want a boss that engages them in the business and shows that their opinion is important. Remember, everyone is important….Lee 


Employers offer training, flexible schedules, mentoring to attract, retain staff

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 Companies concerned about keeping their top performers and attracting new ones this year might be sweetening the pot with non-monetary benefits, according to a recent survey by Menlo Park, CA-based Accountemps.

 When chief financial officers (CFOs) were asked about the perks they plan to offer or are already offering, subsidized training and education topped the list (29 percent), followed by flexible schedules or telecommuting (24 percent) and mentoring programs (24 percent).

 “On the heels of the recession, perks are a cost-effective way employers can reward and retain staff and attract new employees,” said Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps and author of Human Resources Kit for Dummies. “The most popular incentives are those that aid in career development and give employees some control over their work schedules.”

 CFOs were asked, “What perks, if any, is your company offering or planning to offer in 2011 in an effort to attract and retain employees?” (Multiple responses were allowed.)

  • Subsidized training/education – 29%
  • Flexible work hours or telecommuting – 24%
  • Mentoring programs – 24%
  • Matching gift programs – 13%
  • Free or subsidized lunch or snacks – 11%
  • On-site perks such as childcare, dry cleaning, fitness center, cafeteria – 11%
  • Subsidized transportation – 10%
  • Subsidized gym membership – 9%
  • Sabbaticals – 8%
  • Housing or relocation assistance – 7%

 “Offering training and mentoring opportunities also helps businesses develop a more skilled workforce. Flexible work arrangements cost little to implement but show that a company values its staff and their work-life balance needs,” Messmer said.

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