Remember, We Are All Different!

Good morning everyone

I am in Dallas today. I am presenting my first public workshop on leadership, management and service excellence next Monday and Tuesday here at the Four Seasons Resort and Club. What a great hotel. To prepare myself for the hard work next week I will go for a nice workout and then perhaps a nice massage in the spa. If you are interested in reviewing the brochure for my public workshops, here is the link:

Below is a quote that I developed a few years ago as I tried to think of how to communicate the importance of diversity as a business advantage.

“Think of your team as a community. Each one of your team members has different motivations, ideas, priorities, preferences, and dreams. They are all from different backgrounds and different neighborhoods. Get to know them well, so you can leverage their dynamics when making short- and long-term decisions for your business. The more perspectives you have, the more successful you will be in planning and implementing your day-to-day responsibilities because you will have viewed them from many different angles.” . . . Lee Cockerell

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