Working Through Anxiety

Creating Disney Magic Ep 466 Working Through Anxiety

There are some decisions you make in your life that will help you get better and get over [anxiety] quicker. – Lee Cockerell

Several years ago Jody and I talked about my struggle with anxiety and depression. It became one of our most listened to episodes. I still get messages about it helping other people working through anxiety. We thought it would be important to revisit this conversation, especially with the prevalence of anxiety in our society. It is important to know about the importance of support systems.

After years of being the person everybody turned to in times of crisis, I realized I was waking up crushed under the weight of anxiety. You would never catch me without a cool, collected demeanor, even in the face of disasters. Little did they know, underneath the calm exterior, a volcano of stress and anxiety was brewing. It hit me hard and left me questioning everything I thought I knew about myself.

Looking back, I realize that I had been bottling up stress, not allowing myself to feel, process, or release it. The pile-up of these emotions was a ticking time bomb that had finally exploded. The realization that I was not invincible was humbling. Despite the setback, I found solace in the support of my family, friends, and professionals. They all patiently guided me through the process of understanding what got me there and work my way back to brighter days. There are so many others dealing with mental health issues. Our conversation is meant to remind you that you are not alone.

The support from my family, friends, and professionals became my lifeline. A journey through anxiety is far from easy. Listening to this conversation will remind you of the importance of self-care and seeking help. Please don’t try to get through alone. There are always people ready and willing to help. Make sure to ask for help, even if you don’t even know where the anxiety came from.

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00:01:45 – Importance of Addressing Anxiety

00:06:01 – Coping Strategies

00:08:22 – Challenges and Attitude

00:10:54 – Triggers and Personal Background

00:15:32 – Effects of Anxiety on Confidence

00:16:00 – Generalized Anxiety Disorder vs. Depression

00:21:40 – Preventing Anxiety in the Workplace

00:27:28 – Talking About Anxiety

00:32:18 – The Power of Talking