Let's Talk About Introverts

Creating Disney Magic Ep 467 Lets talk about introverts

“Be self aware enough to realize you are an introvert or extrovert and know how that could be perceived” – Lee Cockerell

Introverts and extroverts are wired differently. The differences are often noticeable in both our personal life and in our professional roles. Recently I told Jody that we need to talk about introversion. So we recorded an episode on how it can be perceived in the professional world.

As someone who identifies as an introvert, I understand the challenges and misconceptions that can often come from this personality trait. During the conversation, we talk about the fact that being introverted does not necessarily equate to being shy or lacking confidence. I shared personal experiences of my own introversion and how it initially hindered my ability to speak up and share my opinions. However, through exposure, experience, and building confidence, I learned to adapt and become more comfortable in social and professional settings.

One key point that was emphasized is that introverts, like extroverts, have their own unique strengths and abilities. While extroverts thrive on social interaction and draw energy from being around others, introverts often find solace and recharge by spending time alone. It’s important to recognize and respect these differences. We also acknowledged that there may be instances where introverts need to “fake it” to fit into extroverted environments. This is not about changing who we are fundamentally, but rather finding ways to effectively communicate and connect with others in a way that suits our personality.

Our conversation on introversion and extroversion really highlights how complex personality traits are and how they can impact our personal and professional lives. Understanding and embracing these differences is the key to building effective teams, having healthy communication, and creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

Remember, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there is value in both perspectives. Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and leverage these diverse strengths to create magic in our own lives and organizations.

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[00:02:20] Introvert becomes extrovert through career success.

[00:11:13] Show appreciation, ask for opinions, engage more.

[00:13:22] Awareness of self is key for improvement.

[00:16:26] People appreciate meaningful feedback.