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Creating Disney Magic Ep 468 Enforce Your Training

“If you have a good way to do things and everybody in your organization does it, you’re going to get more business because people are going to love you because it’s very consistent.” – Lee Cockerell

Training without enforcement is like building a grand castle on a weak foundation—it simply won’t hold up. Jody and I have a great conversation on the importance of enforcing your training and creating a lasting impact in your business. Organizations should understand the significance of tying together the three pillars of success: training, testing, and, of course, enforcement.

Bill Marriott taught me invaluable lessons during my time at Marriott. He emphasized that excellence can only be achieved through training, education, and enforcement. To be clear, enforcement doesn’t mean being harsh or oppressive. It’s about instilling discipline and accountability.

During our conversation Jody and I also touch upon the essential role of enforcement in maintaining brand consistency and building trust. Brands like Chick-fil-A and FedEx excel because they consistently deliver on their promises. They leave no room for doubt or disappointment. Whether it’s a sandwich or an overnight package, the experience remains the same, creating a reliable brand that customers can count on.

At Disney, where I had the privilege of leading an incredible team of 70,000 employees, enforcing the training of every individual was paramount. From something as seemingly small as a well-polished name tag to upholding our brand’s promise of creating magic, every detail mattered. Without proper enforcement, Disney could easily lose its reputation and become just another forgettable carnival.

Make sure to listen to this episode to hear more about enforcing your training. It can elevate your organization and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. Remember, it’s not about being mean; it’s about creating a culture of excellence, where every employee understands their role and is empowered to contribute their magic.

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[00:01:44] Best leaders lead with empathy, discipline, consistency.

[00:03:36] Southwest advises best practices for landing planes.

[00:07:13] Power of employees can make or break a business.

[00:11:10] Keep name tag on shoes for work.

[00:15:48] Impactful managers are open-minded, listen, seek better ideas