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Creating Disney Magic Ep 469 Find Out What Your Team Needs

“It’s really up to the leader to set that environment and culture where people are comfortable, bringing up anything because everybody matters in them here.” – Lee Cockerell

Leaders can create a successful team by understanding their needs. Take the time to find out what your team needs. Ask what they need from you to enhance their performance. The “small” things that may seem insignificant to you as a leader can have a significant impact on your team’s efficiency, satisfaction, and ultimately, their success

During my time as a manager of the Marriott hotel in Massachusetts I would ask every department what they needed to do their job better. The answers were surprising. For the housekeepers, it was something as simple as more hangers. And guess what? It made a huge difference. While a hanger may seem insignificant as a leader, that can be the big thing that makes the team happier, more productive, and proud of their work. Ultimately, when you ask your team the right questions you will discover what tools, resources, or support they need to excel in their roles. If you can provide it, do it.

Engage with your employees by asking questions like, “What can I help you with?” and “What frustrates you?” Then you will discover that sometimes the most basic items or improvements could make a world of difference. From providing more hangers for coat check employees to ensuring vacuum cleaners were working properly for housekeepers, recognize the significance of addressing these seemingly small requests.

Effective leadership is not just about making big decisions or implementing grand strategies. It’s also about paying attention to the smallest details and finding out what your team needs on an individual level. By doing so, you can create a more supportive and productive work environment.

After you listen to this episode, reflect on your own leadership style. Are you taking the time to understand what your team needs? Are you actively seeking their input, suggestions, and feedback? Remember, sometimes the most impactful changes can be as simple as providing better tools or addressing minor frustrations.


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[00:03:39] Ask employees what they need to improve their job.

[00:06:52] Get the tools you and your team need for success.

[00:10:03] Take advantage of being new and initiate conversations with curiosity.

[00:14:43] Create an environment of continuous learning for improvement.

[00:16:15] Inspire team by asking, “What do you need?”