Are You Engaging?

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While many of you are doing a good job of getting to know you fellow employees better and letting them get to know you, I must say that I still am concerned about the number of employees in organizations who do not know the first and last names of their manager… and even more concerning is that when I ask them if their manager has spent time with them and gotten to know them, they too often tell me no. 

I even talked with one employee at a company  this week that had been there for several weeks and did not know who his manager was . . . and had had no contact with any manger that showed any interest or concern for him.  This is not the way that you are going to be able to gain commitment and loyalty from your fellow employees.

I suspect that when this happens, it is a case of the manager being disorganized and even perhaps overwhelmed with his or her responsibilities.  I cannot think of any other good reason for not knowing your team members very well.

If you are to continue to have the inclusive environment that I am sure you want, then you have to make everyone feel included.  Remember how we define inclusiveness, “Inclusiveness is when everyone matters . . . and knows that he or she is matters.”

We all have to get this one right. You need to double your efforts to know all about each and every one of your employees.  This will enable you to help them achieve their goals in your organization.  If you can get better and better at this, you will reduce turnover as well, which will lead to better results in all areas of your business.

This is important for another reason.  You, the Leader, have a huge responsibility to develop your people.  Their futures will be greatly affected based on how well you do this.  Ten years from now your employees will be a lot better off or a lot worse off based upon how good you are at getting to know them and then developing them.   . . .

Great Leaders Look for the Better Way Every Day!!!!!……Lee

  1. Lee, thanks to other excelent post. When you said “Inclusiveness is when everyone matters”, I started to think.

    I have a lot of students in my classroom who don

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