What Impact Do YOU Really Make

What you do counts.

I had an interesting Cross-U experience in the Magic Kingdom® Park during the holidays one year.  I was assigned to the hot dog wagon in Liberty Square.  I really enjoyed my time there with two Cast Members who did a wonderful job.

About three hours into my shift, the lady I was working with said to me, “I just found out who you are.”  I said, “Really.  Who am I?”  She said, “You are the man that writes The Main Street Diary.”  ( Weekly Walt Disney World Newsletter)

I thought that she was about to say that I was the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World® Operations.  It really is true that people recognize what you do versus who you are.  I like that!  Who you are or what your title is really does not matter much if you don’t do the right things for people.

As I was leaving my shift, another Cast Member called out to me and said, “Lee, our manager says that it is mandatory that we read The Main Street Diary; and I want you to know that I would read it anyway.”

So, as a leader: 

  • What are you known for? 
  • What do you do that impresses people? 
  • Are you a great teacher? 
  • Are you really known for involving others? 
  • Are you really known for giving people excellent feedback and coaching and counseling?

…so it is pretty clear that Who You Are is Really What You Do!   …Lee

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