Think Small

If you do the small things well, you avoid many big problems.

I know!  I know!  Everyone says to think BIG if you want to be successful.  Well, I think that the best thing we can do is to think small for our customers and fellow employees. If we all would think small, then we would worry about one order of French fries at a time . . . for one customer at a time.

We would think about every single customer as we come into contact with him or her and focus on that customer only, for that moment.

We would focus on one child at a time and make that child feel special.

As leaders, we would focus on each and every employee and give each one time alone so we could get to know him or her better and know how we could help this individual employee achieve their aspirations.

If we think small, we would pay attention to each transaction and focus on doing that transaction perfectly.

If we think small, we will see every piece of litter on the ground and pick it up.

If we think small, we will worry about every interaction and engagement to make sure it is the best it can be.

So when you are thinking about your goals, think BIG . . . but when you are performing your job, think small!   . . . Lee

  1. Janine…thanks for your comment. Nice to hear from you. We will miss Provence this summer. You do a great job of thinking big and acting small..Lee

    In a world of mass production, large
    scale and big figures…being able to
    “think small” and treat each customer as
    though he were the one and only, not
    only makes him feel special but also
    makes the world seem like a smaller
    place. Thankyou Lee for this lesson!

  2. I’ve heard it said that the stories we tell ARE our list of what’s important. And have you noticed? The stories we tell are ALWAYS about the small things — the kind word, the moment of personal attention, the “little extra something.” Those are the things that stick with us — and help US stick in the hearts and minds of the people around us. Thanks, Lee, for another piece of great advice.

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