Leadership Is Not Hard

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Several Times a Week!

When I was at Disney World I received an e-mail, letter, or phone message several time a week from Cast Members wanting to let me know what great leaders they have and how much they appreciate it.  The amount of feedback I received on this subject continued to get larger and larger. 

This was a great indicator of the progress we had made in the area of Leadership behaviors and commitment.

Basically what I heard was my leader:

  • Is available for me when I need him or her.
  • Involves me in the business.
  • Shows respect for me.
  • Does a great job of training me and developing me.
  • Jumps in and helps out when I need him or her.
  • Is great at giving me feedback on how I can be better, and most of all,
  • Frequently tells me how much I am appreciated.

These are the leading indicators that a leader is doing the right things . . . and that they are creating the right environment where their teams will not simply prevail, but will thrive.

Keeping your team together is vital, just as it is for a family.  When a member of the team leaves, the family and the team are not as strong.  Work hard at keeping your teams and families together.

To be a great leader pay attention to this important part of your responsibilities!   . . . Lee

PS: My saga with Sprint continues. I bought an antenna for my home yesterday so hopefully I will be able to use my phone in my house. Pretty sad that I had to buy an antenna because Sprint can not get the coverage for the phones they sell. If they would invest their capital in making the phone work instead of putting TV on the phone then I would be happy. It is like electricity. When I hit the switch I want the lights to go on. The basics in life are important.

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